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Safety Info

Safety Info

General kiting Safety Guidlines

  • Stay clear of power lines and overhead obstructions.
  • Never fly a kite in a lightning storm.
  • Fly with consideration to others.
  • Never fly in a crowded area, or where there is activity downwind.
  • When learning take competent instruction & seek out properly qualified instructors.
  • Make sure you are properly insured against accidents to yourself and others, join the www.bpka.co.uk
  • If you can not walk backwards when the kite is flying directly overhead the kite is too big and/or the wind is too strong.
  • Never tether yourself to the kite with a closed system.
  • Only use open quick-release harness systems, if at all.


  • Do not lay kite lines across any ones path.
  • Do not launch or land in crowded areas.
  • Always announce you are launching a kite.
  • Select a safe launching site.
  • Prevent kites from re-launching with sand (or other ballast) to weigh it down.
  • Disable unattended kites.


All manufacturers' instructions and safety guidelines must be read and followed, in particular the limitations of the product. Equipment must be regularly checked for wear and tear and repaired accordingly before going out.

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